About us

Having an agency that combines communication and PR with video editing and content creation might not be the norm, but then “the norm” doesn’t particularly interest us.

Since our company was founded, we’ve always been about looking at things alternatively. We prefer to work closely with our clients, give our honest input, and find solutions that get results in the myriad of European markets and platforms. Whatever the project, we bring our years of experience to the table to tackle your challenges with you.

Our small, experienced team aids companies with communication strategy, PR, events, content conception and production. Whether it’s video, pan-European print, web or social, our understanding of – and passion for – the adventure sports and travel markets allows us to create and communicate uniquely tailored content. Content that engages your audience while telling the story of your brand with credibility.

If all we ever did was tell you how wonderful you are, you might feel good for a moment but nothing would ever really evolve. We dare to ask the difficult questions, listen and solve problems alongside you. Want to see what we do?

Creative Pool Concept

Having established an extensive network of freelance professionals in communications, media production and copywriting in various languages, 138 is best placed to provide a diverse, all-encompassing offer from the start. As a client, you can be assured of a comprehensive assortment of options for your company’s creative media presence, and beyond.

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