We Are 138.

We are a communication and content production agency that connects the dots between brands and their consumers. 

138’s communication strengths lie in serving pan-European media channels – both special- and general interest – in the cycling, winter sports and travel industries. And with our long history of video production being channelled into creating high-quality, channel-specific social media edits, we can be relied on to produce content that will engage your audience. 

Thanks to an international team with decades of combined experience in a wide array of media, 138 can help you tell your stories better, and make sure these stories are seen by the right people.

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Our Services


  • Strategy Consultation
  • International Perspective
  • Marketing Analysis

Public Relations

  • General & Special Interest
  • Outdoor, Adventure Sports & Tourism
  • Pan-European Expertise

Content Creation

  • Social Media Productions
  • Videography & Photography
  • Copywriting & Translations
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