Giro introduces some truly inspired apparel- and head-to-toe collections for women and men this Summer, stretching from gravel / new road in the Sardine and Lavender vine collections, to the wavy collection for MTB.


THE SARDINE COLLECTION (GRAVEL / NEW ROAD) – The Sardine Collection was inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of Portugal’s seaside villages. Represented are the Portuguese seafaring tradition and handcrafted arts. The color scheme provides a contrast by combining a summery color palette with the inky black motif. This collection intends to remind us to take time to explore new roads and cultures.

THE LAVENDER VINE COLLECTION (GRAVEL / NEW ROAD)  Lavender is, with its characteristic look, the main inspiration for the Lavender Vine Collection. The natural lines that are typical for this flower represent the lines and routes that you as a cyclist choose to take. With the deep urchin, grey-green and glaze blue color palette, the collection provides a fun, feminine look.

THE WAVY COLLECTION (MTB) – The Wavy collection’s look represents nature, architecture and the raw atmosphere people experience in forests. With these components the collection is supposed to enhance the riders’ energy and cycling flow.