Brenda Altorf

What do I call Brenda for?

You call me if your idea or project needs to get in motion. I prefer temporary projects with a clear goal and a finish line to run fast to, independent or with a team of positive people. My role is the contrarian, the energetic producer who proves that there is always a possibility. The glass is always half full and if not, I will go out and look for the tap. In my own projects, I like people enjoy the things in life I like best: food, travel and Curacao.

I was lucky to start my career at NIKE Europe at the brand communications department where we created amazing TV commercials. Remember the one where the famous football players play the ball from building to building? That was us! Later on I could move to the events department where I was blessed to produce amazing events such as the Euro2000 sales events around the European Football Championship and 1000+ people sales meetings in Spain and Universal Studios in Orlando.

After 7 years in event producing and travelling the world, I wanted to shift more towards marketing & communications. I got a job at O’Neill Europe at the marketing department where I was responsible for all visual communication materials such as the website, point of sales materials, hangtags, event materials, catalogues and photo shoot productions. Most memorable for me was the photo shoot production in Chicama, North Peru and hell yeah! building their first web shop, starting out selling old promotion materials online which I literally send out myself from the office’s basement.

In 2007 I decided to live and work abroad to enjoy the way of life at the Caribbean island Curacao. After 2 years helping to build an Internet company, I started a hands-on marketing agency. We’ve done great projects for Coca Cola, Domino’s Pizza and for local companies. Our most successful initiative and celebrating the 10th edition this fall is introducing the culinary concept Restaurant Week in Curacao.

Since 2011 I’m back in The Netherlands and combine the best of both worlds: working as a freelance online marketing & communication professional for the big corporates such as KPN, Telfort and Fatboy AND working at my favourite Caribbean island at least 2 months a year for Restaurant Week.

During my working life I’ve shifted from event producing to marketing & communications. Nowadays I’m into the online part of it: realizing successful events through online engagement.

As you can see, I’m not a specialist: I’m a generalist.

I like to call myself a serial FUNtrepreneur.

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