Lub Dub Denim is a garment brand, not a fashion brand: a white canvas for people’s style. Two of the mottos that Lub Dub Denim live by are: Coco Chanel’s famous quote: “Fashion Changes, Style Endures” and Ralph Lauren “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with Fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is Forever.” These quotes are the backbone of Lub Dub Denim’s unique business plan, and is how they see a sustainable brand in the textile industry should operate – in order to take control of the spiraling negative effect the industry has on the planet.
The highly anticipated launch of Lub Dub Denim will take place with a Kickstarter campaign on March 6th 2022.

The campaign is set to raise the capital for the first factory order so that a bigger order can be made following initial great interest for the brands first product, The Dungaroo. The Dungaroo is, as the name suggests, denim dungarees that also allows you to carry a child in the bib – just like the Kangaroo.

Lub Dub Denim’s business model is unique, and therefore attracts industry attention. The brand was founded in 2020 by Kiki Karlsson, with the purpose of creating a garment that could be used through all phases of life, no matter what gender. The brand only has one product with very limited variations, as the sizes are unisex (XXS-XL), and there are only two colours (Black/Blue) to choose from. Both the choice of suppliers and the origins of the materials are restricted geographically, making shipping requirements limited.

The materials used in the Dungaroo are finely tuned in terms of quality and circularity. The denim is made of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton.
Transparency is a hot topic in the fast fashion world of today. For Lub Dub Denim it is very clear that responsibility can only function when the company selling the products knows where the raw materials and components are sourced. “We know many companies choose not to disclose where their raw materials come from but we were surprised to learn that many don’t even know”, says Nina Isaksson.
To be able to trace and improve and be transparent to our customers, Lub Dub Denim has chosen to work with the German blockchain based sustainability management software Re:traced.

Safety is also a top priority. Being a garment intended to carry children safely, Lub Dub Denim has gone beyond law requirements and chosen to test the garment according to EU standards for baby carriers. “We want our customers to feel totally safe when carrying their loved ones. For us, going the long, expensive and time consuming way to test the Dungaroo extensively in expert labs was the only and obvious choice”, says Kiki Karlsson.

The Kickstarter
The Kickstarter campaign will go live on Sunday March 6th and will be closing on March 27th and the target is to sell 300 of the first ever Dungaroos.