For the penultimate event of the season, two of 138’s team members travelled to Spain to produce social content for both Red Bull and Team M-Sport Ford: Julian was taking care of filming the latest edition of the WRC Vlog with Mike Chen, while Philipp handled the production of social media clips for Team M-Sport Ford…

Due to its unique nature, the car service at Rally Spain is one of the most challenging on the WRC schedule due to the need to change from gravel to tarmac specs. For this, a team’s mechanics need to change or adjust almost all aspects of the car, aside from the engine and the body: the suspension, gear box, front- and rear guards, brakes and more all need to be switched out in a maximum of 75 minutes.

Philipp and Julian were in the paddock documenting this process for Team M-Sport Ford and we’re happy to report that they neither dropped any cameras on the cars – it’s strictly forbidden for anything or anyone other than the team’s mechanics to touch the cars in the service – nor did they trip over any tools! Rather they were able to film this intense, technical service without interfering with those doing their jobs – you can enjoy our mechanics’ eye view of the service process here, and if you’re interested we have included our filming setup at the bottom of this article.

The Team M-Sport Ford mechanics were even quicker than the allotted service time: they managed to get the changeover all done in a mere 61 minutes – 14 minutes ahead of the deadline.

The 14th and final stop of this season’s WRC will be in Australia, from 14 to 17 November, and 138 will once again be on-site to produce social media content from the last event of 2019.


2 x camera operators
6 x GoPro Hero 7s and 2 x GoPro Hero 5s:
3 x fixed angles (Front, rear, centre)
2 x chest mounts
1 x tool cam on clamp
2 x Gorilla Pods for different angles